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I would suggest another Bank Account Type called Gift Card. Sometimes I have a gift card balance at Amazon, or a store gift card, and I'd like to categorize the individual purchases and track the gift card balance. I am able to do this with a manual account but it's a bit confusing to choose "Checking" as the Account type when creating the account.

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    It would probably also be nice to have an account type for Cash! I use a "checking account" to track my cash spending the same way. I'd even 'file' gift cards under Cash, it makes more sense than to file them under Checking Account.
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    I like this idea, and voted accordingly.  The CASH account type suggested by @EL1234 would be even more beneficial though!
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    I set up all non bank accounts, such as cash or gift cards, as "Other Banking" accounts and it is working well for me.
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     "other Banking" works in most cases for me.

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  • It would be incredibly useful to pull in transactions that were fulfilled by a gift card automatically. For example:

    - I purchase a $50 cinemark gift card at Costco on 06/07 for $40 and I use that gift card on 08/09 to purchase $20 a movie ticket. Ideally this would be represented by a "transfer" of $40 into the gift card account and then a withdrawal of $20. (The extra $10 can be manually added as a balance adjustment)

    - I purchase a Starbucks gift card from Target $100 and use it at Starbucks for the next 3 months. Ideally the initial purchase would show up as a transfer into the Starbucks account and then each subsequent purchase would show up as a transaction. This helps me to more accurately track my spend each month.