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I'd like to have all my accounts connected and monitor their balances when I want, but I'd -really- like to be able to hide ones from view.

For example, I like periodically looking at my 401k, and it's nice to know I can easily check it on Simplifi while looking at whatever other account I'm checking in on - but do I really need that information all the time? Or my mortgage. I like to know how much I've got left to pay on the mortgage, and having that info available when I want is great. But do I really need it to make my Net Worth negative by a couple hundred thousand dollars? 

It'd be great to toggle/hide certain accounts while also being able to make them viewable again whenever I want.
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  • jlkweb12
    jlkweb12 Member ✭✭✭
    I agree with this. If the account is closed, it should be hidden. Now I have a large list as before but with the word closed next to it.
  • millsmn
    millsmn Member
    I agree as well.  Closed accounts should be able to be ignored on the Dashboard.  Deleting the account is not an option (as suggested by Support) since this will remove the transaction history.
  • Mr. Williams
    Mr. Williams Member
    Agreed, need to hide accounts but not delete content. I have to do reporting on data for my taxes and investments. Investment accounts are known the most for this as he may have cash accounts at zero or  investments you have rolled over, but I don't need to see the zero. However, it's still a live account.
  • 2sonsjim
    2sonsjim Member ✭✭
    Yes, please add ability to hide closed accounts in the account list.
  • Agreed, please add the ability to hide accounts on the dashboard. 
  • Jeppedy
    Jeppedy Member
    Quick note about loan/debt accounts...  Add an asset account. My home value offsets my loan balance, giving ng me a truer view of net worth. 
  • tapierce
    tapierce Member ✭✭✭
    Still waiting for this as well.  I have a lot of accounts so having the ability to hide closed accounts would help greatly.

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  • I will add to the list of folks asking to be able to hide closed accounts.  I want to keep all of my history, so I don't want to delete the account.  But it is annoying to have all of my closed accounts continue to show up on my dashboard.  The sooner you can fix this the better!
  • I need to hide all my closed accounts too from the dashboard keeping the data, doesn't make sense seeing all of them just the active an open ones...
  • Ability to hide closed accounts in your account list
  • RobWilk
    RobWilk Member ✭✭
    When I close an account, it stays visible in main account list.  My only option is to delete to remove,but there is lost history.  Quicken offers  hide option. Should be really easy to add this.
  • ebjsbjc
    ebjsbjc Member
    I have a closed 401K account with the amount it was when it closed. If I now add in the new company that took over the 401K it will then add this to the total along with the closed account. There needs to be an ability to "hide" a closed account. I do see you can remove an account from reports, but this does not change the "Retirement" amount in the dashboard, it adds in the closed account.
  • Please add ability to hide closed accounts