Ability to import net worth data from other personal finance apps, such as Mint (edited)



  • Matt Anfang
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    Can we also allow downloading the Net Worth over time in a .CSV format (similar to transactions)? Is this something that was ever considered?

  • Coach Kristina
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  • TRS_One
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    These are excellent instructions, thank you!

    I also started with Simplifi in Nov 2023.

    The only tweak I needed to make in order to get this to work for me, was instead of deleting the rows, I added the following values to my CSV (b/c without this data, Simplify thinks the "Mint Net Worth History" amount for the months between 11/01/2023 and 03/11/2024 is equal to the the amount from 10/01/2023, and it throws off the Simplifi Net Worth number in reports:

    Date 11/01/2023 Amount 0.00
    Date 12/01/2023 Amount 0.00
    Date 01/01/2024 Amount 0.00
    Date 02/01/2024 Amount 0.00
    Date 03/01/2024 Amount 0.00

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