Import Account Balance History not working for Investment Accounts

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Thanks, Simplifi Team, for posting the support article. I attempted to import balance history to my two investment accounts with no success 4 days ago.

I tested an import to my two investment accounts again today per the support article.

Note: If you're importing historical account balances into an Investment Account, you must initiate the import from a different account since the Import icon is not enabled in investment registers. You can then change the account to the Investment Account when following step 5 below, and this will bring your history into the Investment Account!

Result: I got the dialog saying the import was successful with the line count in the CSV file. However, my balances do not display in the net worth report.

The investment account balance import is not working.

I used a workaround to get the balance history for my investment accounts, which involved creating two manual accounts (one for each investment account) and then importing the balances to each manual account.

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