Quality of Life Feature Requests (Part 1)

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Hi, I'm a mint user that came over to simplifi recently. I have a few suggestions on improving the simplifi app (more are likely to follow, hence "part 1"):

  1. In the simplifi app transactions I would like to filter out only one account. The filter option requires that you manually click all accounts you want to see. Can you add a "select all" option in the filters sub-section? That way I can select all accounts I want see, and unclick the one I do not.
  2. I use categories frequently. When a sub-category is already selected I often want to see the parent category. When in transactions, if I click the category field it doesn't show the parent and I have to manually scroll to find what parent category it resides in. Mint would automatically show the parent when clicking the category field. Can you have simplifi auto scroll down to the parent category when clicking the category field?
  3. Setting up the rules is simple but the rules themselves are very basic. Is there a place where more advanced rules can be set? E.g., I don't want to set a category just based on the name, but also on the amount.



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