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Add Budget/Spending Plan "Start each new month with the previous month's leftover amount" option.

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This ability is being reviewed by our Product Team.



  • Coach Tappan
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    [removed email for privacy] That's a very interesting suggestion! We'll make sure our development team considers it in the next update. We appreciate your comments!

  • Laura
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    Agree with this!

  • jvipatapat
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    Right now the money just goes unused, it'd be nice to have it rollover to the next month, or be able to automatically contribute to goals.

  • Coach Natalie
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    Hello @jvipatapat,

    Great feature request! Don't forget to add your vote! :smile:

    -Coach Natalie

  • tswan
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    I definitely need this! If I don't spend all of my money in a month, I don't want it to disappear into a black hole -- I'd like to save it towards that vacation I'm planning, or my emergency fund. I'm a YNAB user looking to switch and while I don't need to put every dollar into a category, I at least want to know how much money is floating around.

  • EL1234
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    I'd like to be able to choose to rollover extra funds from a specific spending plan category! Not for all, but for some...

  • rayhooker
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    The planned spending seems like a place for rollover. This is my first month in Simplifi, but my understanding is that when you create a planned spending item you give an amount. If that amount is not use, it will be added to the next month. If that is the case, then perhaps it could even be adjusted.... I am just looking at how it works month to month if you change the target, what happens.. does it recalculate or keep the running total. It may not have all the capabilities of viewing history so I guess adding rollover to a watchlist would have advantages if it more that one or two transactions per month in that category.

  • I really want to caution the development team on this suggestion - it is difficult to do well. E.g. in Mint i find this feature to be a disaster, as it is very difficult to get right with edge cases. E.g. rolling over over-budgeted categories, or how do you interpret roll-overs if you adjusted the budget for certain categories for that month only (as one would do in an envelope-style budgeting system.

    My suggestions:
    1. Make this feature configurable on certain conditions (roll over only positive, only negative balances, rollover based on default balance, etc)
    2. Have an option to rollover positive balances to the virtual savings - this is a clean way to do this without making the budgets a mess

  • This seems like a must-have. Especially for periodic bills that are paid less regularly than monthly (annual DMV, annual property taxes, semi-annual auto insurance, just to name a few).

  • mintuser
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    This is the only good use of budgeting from my perspective. I can’t save for non monthly spending, be rewarded for not over spending, or try to underspend the next month if I go over this month, without this feature. Everything else looks great and I will happily pay when this feature is added. Need to rollover both positive and negative amounts (whatever the difference is from the amount budgeted)

  • Kingsquat
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    This is a must have... There appears to be no way in Simplifi to manage anything other than a monthly expense.  Sort of like envelope system functionality... being able to roll over unused or overused to the next month is really important.  If my budget is $100 for the month and I spend $110 that month... the next month should start at $90.  Same with underusing.... If budget is $100 and I spend $75... then the next month should start at $125.  This really comes into play when you buy some household items in bulk... then you wait multiple months to re-buy.
  • David Lyons
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    I agree with this!
  • This is an essential part of any budget tracking. I am a 16 year Quicken user, trying to find a new platform. I’m loving a lot of what I see in Simplifi, but budget rollovers are what make or break a budget. At least half of my budget categories are irregular spending. I shouldn’t blow up my budget because 3 of my kids have birthdays in the same month, or because we went “back to school” shopping. Those expenses should be able to be allocated monthly and spent when needed. 

    The only solution I see is to track it on a separate google sheet and input the data manually into the Simplifi spending plan each month, but that takes the ease out of paying for a budgeting app.

    Please add this option!
  • leviautumn
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    I would love this feature. We are on a wonky pay schedule since my husband works offshore. We get paid for four weeks and then we don’t. So while it’s the first and we have money in the account, we only get one paycheck in February and my spending plan is in the red and it will be the whole month since I can’t rollover my actual account balance. 
  • gildrush
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    What I would like to see is the leftover balances in each account rolled into the new months balances

  • achester99
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    Yes, I want something like this feature. We get paid bi-weekly, and often times some of the income from end of month is being used to pay bills at the beginning of the next month. Also we sometimes can see in the upcoming section a big bill that would put our cashflow into a negative, but we had avoided spending all available funds this month to make sure we have enough for that upcoming bill next month. Or at least make available an option to create a current cash on hand line item in the spending plan where we could plug in a number manually that reflects what money we have available outside of the current month's income/spending.
  • brianhudson
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    I usually go under/over my planned spending for several categories of my spending plan. There is currently no option to 'roll over' these deficits/surpluses. I suggest Simplifi adds a feature that allows the spending plan to add/subtract these balances to the next month's spending plan.

    That is, if I have $50 in a 'funny money' category, but only spend $40, then the next month would include the $10 I didn't use and therefore start at $60. I currently have to do mental math going back several months to keep track of this stuff. And, if I go over just $40 a month in my groceries for example, that really adds up over the year but I don't see that by just looking at the planned spending part of the app. Providing an option that would let it roll over each month would make me sensitive to this.
  • I would also love this feature.  I base my monthly budget based on a yearly average.  So the budgets build up and then I know how much I have to spend each month based on the budget and last month...or 4.  I rollover my dining out budget.  Knowing weather steak or pizza is min my future keeps my wife happy!  :smile: If you add this feature, I keep the app. without I have to look elsewhere.  
  • Nomadic Cat
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    Vote 🗳 for many reasons already expressed 
  • Yes. I want this. 
  • nicko
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    This request has been hanging out since 2019 any movement?
  • Coach Natalie
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    Hello @nicko,

    Thanks for the inquiry!

    Our Product Team is still tossing this Idea around, and I don't think that they're leaning in any direction, as of yet. Be sure to keep following this post for updates! :wink:

    -Coach Natalie
  • Chris
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    I think it's a necessary feature. If I end the month of May with $250 available in my Spending Plan, that should be factored into the available balance in my Spending Plan for June. That's like having $250 in cash and at the end of the month saying, "I won't need this for next month. This is May's money. So it shouldn't be used in June." I'm sure most people don't operate like that.

    As a former Simple customer, I became accustom to rollover available spending balances. It gave me a better picture of my Safe-to-Spend and if I ended up with quite a bit more than I needed, I just transferred that to my savings account. That's not something I did often though...just when I had excess spending money.
  • chrismoneytime
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    Searching for alternate budget apps to Mint. This is one of the top features for my family. Any updates when this will be implemented?
  • Coach Blake
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    Hi @chrismoneytime,

    We are so glad to hear that you are considering Simplifi! When you are ready to give us a shot, make sure you sign up for our free 30-day trial! At this time, I don't have a time frame on when this will be implemented but you can keep an eye on our "Updates from our product team" section to see what great features are in our newest release.

    -Coach Blake
  • jaybarr
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    FYI I really like Simplifi but I probably won't renew unless this feature is implemented. I'll switch to a budgeting program that can do this. 
  • Flopbot
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    Agree with @jhirasaki and all the others. This is critical! I - personally - want to control my spending over the long-term so I can know if I'm ahead or behind as the year goes on. While I'm brand new to Simplifi, I'm a long-term user of Quicken Desktop since 2014; which does this pretty well.

    I want / NEED Simplifi to somehow roll over the amount whether OVER or UNDER at the end of each month! For example, right now my "Eating Out" budget is $10 over and I want to know going into next month that I have to decrease my spending by $10.

    This is one of my 2 or 3 most critical requirements for a budgeting software and is causing me to think carefully whether this software will really work for me.

    Is there any update about the status of this feature request? Is it being considered? Is it being worked on? Is there any sort of estimate; even it is super rough?

    Thank you.
    Quicken Desktop user since 2014.
    Brand new to Simplifi in 2021.
  • Coach Natalie
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    Hello @Flopbot,

    Thank you for posting your feedback to the Community!

    As far as I know, this one is still being considered by our Product Team. I will be sure to post back as soon as I receive an update! :blush:

    -Coach Natalie
  • Coach Natalie
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    Hello All,

    Thank you for your continued patience as we consider this request!

    I just wanted to let everyone know that this is definitely still being considered by our Product Team. It sounds like it will require a complete overhaul of the Spending Plan in order to implement, so it may be a while before we get any real traction, but it is being looked at. :smiley:

    -Coach Natalie
  • achester99
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    We would also love this feature! It’s a huge downfall that this isn’t something already featured. I’m seriously considering alternate softwares, due to the lack in Simplifi to do some basic things, like rolling over what I didn’t spend into next month’s planned spending, and the ability to budget from available cash flow, rather than forecasted income.