Ability to mark recurring Transaction as "Paid" in advance (edited)

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When viewing Upcoming transactions (Bills), it would be nice to be able to mark the Bill as 'Paid' so it doesn't just show as 'Upcoming.' That way, at a glance, you could tell which bills you have already scheduled payments for and which ones you still need to pay. Currently, the only option there is 'Delete planned instance.'

As a current workaround to the lack of this feature, I am just adding $0 redundant transaction so I can tell when one has been paid vs one that has not. This works OK on the ios app where $0 transaction defaults to Green under 'Planned Activity.'

No one wants to inadvertently miss a credit card or bill payment, and adding this feature would help prevent that.

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  • givehim6
    givehim6 Member

    Another workaround I have found is to add a 'Paid' Tag to the upcoming transaction, but you have to click on the upcoming transaction on iOS app to view the tag. On a web browser, there doesn't appear to be a way to view Tags on upcoming transactions, so this workaround would only work on the phone app.

  • Coach Tappan
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    @givehim6 That's a very interesting suggestion. At the moment, Simplifi considers a upcoming bill as "paid" when it successfully matches it to a posted transaction from your bank. If it remains unmatched, it usually stays in the Upcoming list in "Waiting" status until you delete it. Which is okay if the actually posted charge is shown in the list of your transactions. But, as I've noted in a couple of other posts here, you can also edit the details of one of those posted transactions to assign it to an existing bill on your recurring list, which should improve the chances of Simplifi matching it next time.

  • givehim6
    givehim6 Member

    Thanks for responding. To clarify, my suggestion has nothing to do with 'Matched' transactions. It is more for bills like credit cards that you have scheduled to be paid in the future, so you can mark them as paid until the match happens. For example, if a credit card bill is due on the 28th, but I went online to the credit card website/app on the 10th and scheduled the payment for the 28th, I want to be able to mark that credit card bill as paid at that point rather than waiting for it to match the transaction on the 28th.

  • Coach Tappan
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    That makes great sense. I'd like a feature like that myself, that allows me to mark a credit card as "paid early." Thanks for the suggestion!

  • jesse
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    There is a difference between "paid" and "cleared". When I pay a bill, I want it to go away from upcoming bills, since it is no longer an upcoming bill, but a pending/uncleared transaction.

    This applies to all of my bills. If I pay the energy bill on the 10th, (and it is due on the 10th) but it doesn't clear until the 13th, I don't want it clogging my upcoming bills view for 3 days. I want to see what unpaid bills are next.

  • Coach Tappan
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    @jesse That makes sense. I'd be interested if other users would like to see this change as well.

  • samccauley
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    I see two very reasonable solutions to this:

    1) Add a status called something like "Sent" or "Submitted" or "It's in the mail" :smile: ; or
    2) Allow a way to manually add the upcoming instance of a recurring bill into the register and show a clear distinction between upcoming recurring and items entered in the register in advance.

    **This is a critical missing feature. ** Many people use this type of application to make sure they don't forget to pay something. Currently I see many "upcoming", but I can't recall with certainty which ones I've already taken care of.

  • Coach Paco
    Coach Paco Moderator admin

    @samccauley I would recommend submitting this in out Feedback so we can have other members vote on this wonderful idea!

  • dagnabit2000
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    1) ability to mark a reoccurring transaction as paid if it is paid in advance and ignore an instance of it.

    2) ability to differentiate all new transactions since the last time I looked (would like to verify all are valid).

    3) Ability to go out to a biller and get bill information (balance and due date for a credit card for example)

    I use quicken to track my bills and ensure when I schedule two weeks with of transactions that my account balance will not dip below $0. I also use it to verify all bills have been paid and that any new transactions from the last time I looked are valid. Please add these features to Simplifi.

  • Coach Tappan
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    @dagnabit2000 Thanks for your suggestions. Some of them are already under consideration, With recurring transactions, Simplifi works best when a "posted" transaction is matched with a recurring reminder. For linked accounts, paying "in advance" would be reconciled once the posted transaction is downloaded. With reminders for manually created accounts, you would need to enter the payment manually, and delete the reminder. There's currently no way to "match" them. We appreciate all of your ideas, because we want to make Simplifi work the way that works best for you.

  • Coach Natalie
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    For the ability to 'pause' or 'skip' an instance of a Recurring Reminder, please be sure to add your votes here -- https://community.simplifimoney.com/discussion/2102/ability-to-pause-skip-payments-in-recurring-bills-subscriptions#latest

  • Flopbot
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    @samccauley has some good ideas here.

    I would add a request while your at it for "Skipped" or something like that.  It would get used to mark those that - for whatever reason - don't need paid that month.  In Quicken Desktop, this is primarily used for CC's with no balance. 
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