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    +1 upvote on this

  • Mint refugee here bumping this. I would appreciate this feature being added.

  • Aaron V
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    I am also a Mint refugee. LOL

  • Would love to see this as well, coming from Mint!

  • EricH
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    Hi, just looking for the latest status on this topic about Zillow property value syncing. It's definitely a detractor for Simplifi at this time when considering the transition options from Mint. Ongoing, it really needs to be able to automatically reflect latest value estimates for property assets like mint does.

    Thanks for latest status, and the plan to get this feature working in Simplifi..


  • mddt2023
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    One ask for this Zillow feature. Please add a field for "Ownership Percentage" and roll it out with Zillow integration. For example, if I own a duplex with my brother and I have added the duplex as an asset on Simplifi, I want to specify that my ownership percentage is 50% and have that reflect in the Asset value for my account.

  • Jbenz
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    @Coach Natalie Any updates here? I just joined and can't actually believe that 1) You didn't already have this functionality and 2) People have requested this for 4 years and it still hasn't been implemented? Why tell people it's been planned when it clearly hasn't? Pretty disappointing.

  • kay
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    edited December 2023

    Yes a 2019 request. Shouldn't take that long, plus considering real estate could be a significant portion of folks networth, this should have been red hot priority feature roll out. I'll give 6 months and might move to [removed].

  • KDC1996
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    The fact that Quicken would rather silence their community than trying to make active changes is a big red flag.

    I have seen multiple posts where they have removed comments naming competitor products… seems a little authoritarian.

    Quicken, how about you listen to your customers instead of silencing them… it's not going to stop people leaving your product… making active changes will.

  • RobWilk
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    @KDC1996 Imagine walking into Burger King and hanging up McDonald's Flyers on the wall. Mentioning competitors products here is the same idea. "No soliciting" seems to be the policy.

    Rob Wilkens

  • +1 +1 +1 +1 +1 +1 +1 +1

  • I agree, I moved over from Mint and would absolutely love to see Zillow integration into Simplifi. Heck, it doesn't even have to be Zillow, any one of their competitors would work too. I know Schwab uses SmartZip.

  • +1 Mint refugee. I feel incredibly poor without being able to easily track my home's value. Zillow is fairly accurate for my area and would like to see this request become reality.

  • As a Mint user, I enjoyed the feature of tracking property value as an asset not just as a liability(debt) like simplify does. Not sure how to officially upvote this. Please send instructions on how to do that.

    Also, tracking other assets like cars may be beneficial. However, Real Estate is a must.

  • Former mint user

    please add feature to dynamically retrieve property value. doesn't need to be Zillow, any other service would do. Thanks

  • +1 for automatic property value estimates

  • Nathan815
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    edited January 2

    You can add real estate and vehicles as assets using the manual account feature:

    1. Add account → Click "Add manual account"
    2. Set the account type to "Asset → Real Estate"

  • As someone transferring from Mint, +1

  • DMcWetty
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    I'll take "Property Value Estimations" for $1000, Alex.

    Seriously though, any of the big estimators would be really helpful. Redfin, Zillow, SmartZip… whatever reasonably ballparks my home's value. For now I just put in the asset value manually, but I'd like to see that automated and scraped from an estimator.

    Also, how has this not been added in 4 YEARS?? That doesn't give me much hope other requests will be added in. At least there's a 1-year trial for us "mint refugees" and if I need to move on at the end of 2024, I will.

  • RajOnTrack
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    any update on tracking home value within the app.

  • RobWilk
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    @RajOnTrack You can create a property account to track the value. The value of your house really shouldn't change that often, so look up the Zestimate on zillow and type it in here. Every 6-12 months update the value by hand.

    Rob Wilkens

  • ajbopp
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    @hpmoon literally at least one person agrees with @RobWilk


    Not that I wouldn't like to see this, but it's pretty far down on my list of priorities. I'll happily update manually every now and then.

    Anthony Bopp
    Simplifi User Since July 2022
    Money talks. But all my paycheck ever says is goodbye

  • tobyN
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    Agree completely! Sure, it would be a nice addition to the have, but the over the top comments about how it is a deal breaker not to have Zillow integration are a bit dramatic! 😁

    If lacking Zillow integration is the biggest problem you have with Simplifi, then congratulation. Lots of other things I would like to see fixed before that (like getting more missing banking connections to be available for things that actually change more than a couple of times a year).

    Quicken since 1995. Simplifi since 2023.

  • mthoman1
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    Upvoting this idea. Also consider kbb or carvana for automobile value. Credit score is a much higher priority, but this would also be nice.

  • it’s embarrassing that this is still outstanding, just forced to switch from mint, paying more, getting less, smh

  • +1 On free trial trying to find my Mint replacement

  • New customer from Mint deprecation - +1 to Zillow integration needed!

  • Cole
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    Another Mint refugee, yes please to Zillow integration!

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